London Medical Mistress: Medfet Clinic UK

Dr Annabel Sadistra, strict nurse and deviant #Medfet Dr with Her own Rubber Clinic and Medical Clinic based in Kensington, London SW7 just moments away from The Royal Albert Hall and Imperial College. Stunning sterile surroundings with anti pathogen control protocol adhered to at all times. Full range of sterile one use only items. Clinical breathplay specialist,anaesthetic roleplay many treatments unique to the Clinic. Scrotal inflation and pain without marks specialist Dr. Finest Gummi Kinik in  the UK.



London Mistress, Medfet Clinic, medical roleplay, needleplay, breathplay, London Medical Clinic, strict nurse, anaesthetic roleplay

twitter: @LondonMistress2 

tel: +44(0)7377 264773

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