Brighton Medical Mistress – Dr Deviant

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Finally you’ve found Kinky Klinik, where rubber is sovereign; your body morphed, modified, manipulated, physically and chemically by me: Dr Deviant.

I am a body chemistry controller and I revel in the tumultuous chemical cocktails the mind of my subs concoct in the midst of trust and a sense of fear…

The thrill is stepping out of the comfort zone and relinquishing total control of the senses to the ultimate endorphin experience. A special place in your mind where the borders of your consciousness blur into the darkness of the tubes, where you become your own breath, hopelessly seduced by my black rubber glove pushing a Black Beauty over your mouth.

I specialise, and have extensive experience, in:
• Behavioral Therapy
• Breath Control
• Medical Breath Play
• Anaesthesia Role Play
• Needle Play
• Catheterisation
• Urine Recycling
• Prostate Multiple Milking
• TENS Treatments
• Anal therapies
• Enriched Enemas
• Fisting Practices

To deepen your insight in my perverse practices, visit my website: