#MedicalFetish – with London Mistress Olivia


Domina, Fetish performer, BDSM kinkster & perverse medical specialist, likes playing under your skin.

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#LondonMedicalMistress – Dr Annabel


Dr Annabel offers a wide range of advanced breathplay gases and aromas and operating theatre roleplay at Her Twisted Clinic in Central London. Fully medically equipped with rebreathing equipment, clinical restraints and excellent range of therapies for the medical fetishist and sensation overload hedonist! Genuine and authentic medical equipment is used in white sterile surroundings. Gentle dilation of anus and urethra can be undertaken with skill. Advanced and bizarre treatments for those of a more adventurous disposition. In patients to the Twisted Clinic in London’s Kensington will be given full time to recover from any treatments of both body and mind! 3D Fisting for those with a desire for depth and width.

Dr Sadistra is only available by appointment:  07961 555085  http://www.twistedclinic.net

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London/Oxford Medical Play Mistress – Mistress Chatterley



London , Oxfordshire, USA
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Preston Mistress Maggie – Scrotal Inflation


I am delighted to announce that a new procedure has been added to my medical repertoire.

Scrotal inflation is now available in my Preston White Room.

A full single use sterile kit is provided for each patient.

So gentlemen, if you have ever fantasised about having a big heavy pair of balls swinging between your legs, now is the time to run along to my clinic and get your body mod operation.

Visit my news page for more information about the scrotal infusion procedure itself, photos and prices –

A wide range of other medical treatments are also available including: Anal examinations and stretching, health checks, pissplay, electric treatment, breath control, enemas, catheters and sounding. I have a nice range of latex and traditional uniforms I can wear to help bring your medical fetish fantasies to life.

My Preston White Room is open on weekdays from 12 noon. Sessions strictly by appointment

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Fully Equipped for Fetish Clinic Operations – Proper Clinical Procedures – Breathplay Games

Location: Preston, Lancashire


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West Sussex Mistress – Helen Ryder


Over 25 only! West Sussex Mistress - NO DM’s

West Sussex
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Manchester Medical Mistress Helena


Tel 07557 516183 #18+

Manchester London Huddersfield
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Dr Annabel + Submissive Lucy 25th August + 12 September

PFK_0472 (1)

Mistress Annabel and Her Student Nurse Lucy will be holding joint sessions at Mistress Annabel’s Twisted Clinic. A full range of medical treatments can take place,inc. invasive and topical medical play, enemas, anal exams and catheters. Lucy may be examined by Dr Annabel Sadistra and you could be FORCED to witness! Excitingly, joint examinations from light to highly humiliating can take place at the London Fetish Clinic. http://www.londonmedicalmistress.co.uk Fully sterile surroundings. Rare chance to meet the Dr and Her student Nurse together….contact Mistress Annabel for fees and availability. Deposit required. All medical treatments from sublime to severe undertaken with skill. 07961 555085

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Medical Fetish Mistress – Baroness Essex


, Lifestyle . Purveyor of all things & . Owner of one of Europes finest equipped Residences Tel:0770205092

Essex, London & New York
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Preston Medical Mistress Maggie


Available procedures include: Anal Play – rubber glove examinations, speculums, proctoscopes, butt plugs including bi-polar electro, dildos, other insertable and inflatable items Aromas – room aromas (formerly known as poppers) are allowed, please enquire Breath Play – hoods, gags, plastic bags, gas masks, filters and hoses, anaesthetic masks, rebreather bags, the ‘Gas Station’ unique air management system, bubble bottle inhalation. Rubber, plastic and glove smothering Catheterisation – urinary catheters, bladder control and draining. A full sterile kit and Foley catheter is provided, please enquire Clamping and Stretching – medical grade stainless steel instruments and weights Electrics – TENS, PES, E-Stim, and Erostek power boxes, with a wide selection of metal and conductive rubber electrodes, unique electroplay power boxes and Tesla (violet wand) machine Enemas and Douching – various liquids available First Aid – bandages, dressings, ointments and splints Health Checks – eye tests, blood pressure testing and monitoring, checking temperature, chest and airway examinations, dental examinations Ice Packs – internal and external Naughty Nurse Medical Tease – fetish scenes with light bondage Piercings – play piercings with single-use, sterile, surgical needles Piss Play – recycling using funnels, tubes, teats or enemas Pressure – vacuum pumping, cupping and suction Skin Treatments – shaving, plucking and waxing Sounding – stainless steel or disposable plastic sounds with or without electrostim or vibration.


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